HOW TO: iphone photography & favorite apps

picture perfect.

It has been said that the best camera is the one you have with you, and with all the running around these days, and always so many lovely things to capture while traipsing about, often the only camera on hand is my iphone, which have come to rely on more and more for so many things, but especially the camera; and since joining instagram some time ago, have been having the loveliest time sharing little glimpses here and there, of everyday life and so, thought it might be fun to share a few favorite apps along the way . . .



. . . normally only use two or three apps other than instagram, but sometimes I prefers to play around with a broader range, and so, a few of my favorites:

  1. accu camera : to steady shots
  2. over : for adding texts over images
  3. ps express : for cropping & rotating images
  4. snapspeed : a powerful app for selective photo edits & filters
  5. instagram : for filters & sharing
  6. pro hdr : for combining two of the same images to extend the dynamic range
  7. picfx : for filters & bokeh effects
  8. afterlight : for a large collection of amazing filters and effects
  9. pic frame : to split images into separate frames & create colleges
  10. toy slr : for creating focus & blur

rise filter

smores at Gyu-Kaku // apps used : instagram with rise filter

little black dress-picframe app

little black dress // apps used : instagram for filter & picframe for mirror effect

outfit-photography post

outfit of the day // apps used : picframe for triple effect & over for text

Photo Aug 25, 2 13 31 PM

ice cream cones // apps used : snapseed for filter & beautiful mess for text

Photo Sep 28, 10 19 03 PM

nude Steve Madden heels // apps used : picfx for heart effect & afterlight for filter

Photo Sep 28, 10 18 35 PM

iced latte from Urth Cafe // apps used: instagram for filter & picfx for heart effect

iOS new & updated features

  1. press the up volume button to take a photo
  2. access the camera from the lock screen by sliding up for control center and touching the camera icon
  3. when taking a picture, touch on the screen where you want the exposure and focus to be measured from
  4. turn on the grid from the options tab, which can help with composition and to keep your image straight
  5. use two fingers to pinch the screen to access the zoom feature
  6. when taking a photo, touch the three circles on the bottom right to display a range of filters

{images: all iphone photography by coveted allure on instagram}